Welcome to the Dada Land Compound


This spring we embarked on our most ambitious tour to date, bringing the Dada Land Compound tour around North America for two months. It was an incredible experience and so much fun! It was amazing to met thousands of our fellow Citizens along the road.

You might have been at the shows, but this is the story behind that tour….

The Dada Land Consulate San Jose


Citizens of Dada Land! We are proud to announce the grand opening of the very special Dada Land Independence Day Consulate TONIGHT in San Jose! Want to gain entry? We’ve hidden invitations all around the city, here are all the locations:

1. California Theatre -> http://bit.ly/1wbXQAC
2. Cathedral Basilica of San Jose -> http://bit.ly/1G8h61W
3. Center for the Performing Arts -> http://bit.ly/1wbY2zF
4. San Jose Museum of Art -> http://bit.ly/1EnfJiP
5. SAP Center (Formerly HP Pavilion) -> http://bit.ly/1aRmQDE
6. The Tech Museum of Innovation -> http://bit.ly/18Yeeuq
7. Library at San Jose State University -> http://bit.ly/1GrJH5T
8. Admin Building at San Jose State University -> http://bit.ly/1Bg7LUR

Good luck!

PS – Anyone who finds an invite will also receive a pair of tickets to our SOLD OUT Dada Land Compound tonight at SJSU. Already have tickets? We’ll make sure you’re a VIP Citizen this evening then :)