CITIZENS! We’re proud to introduce Dada Land: The App, the official online and mobile home to our great nation! Interact with other citizens, climb the ranks of citizenship, share photos, and complete missions for your chance to win a coveted DADA LAND PASSPORT (which gives the Citizen free entry to every Dada Life concert in the world, for life)!

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  1. Hey Stefan and Olle! I’m having an issue with the app… I downloaded it 4 days ago and I managed to get up too 7,490 points. That is 10 points away from getting the rank of Officer and achieving a Dada Land passport… Anyway, I accidentally signed out and now I can’t sign back in… I know for a fact my email is correct and my password. Please help me!!!!

  2. Sup,
    I’m one of those people who are social, and use a windows phone. Will this be another app that will completely ignore us? or are you gonna make an up for the windows phone market?
    Please keep me posted!

  3. Dadaaaaaaaaaa! ???? Heard you guys online in Jan this year
    and attended your concert in Bangalore. We all know and you too know this, you guys are killer. Come back to India! Long way to gooooo #Borntorage

    P.S: The app isn’t getting downloaded. Please check onto it.

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