1. ugliness a state of mind, bannanas a path to enlightenment…im ready to fly high on that yellow road.. Rage till champagne rains like manworda from heaven…..word

  2. I need to Rage cause I was def Born to Rage.. especially at this point in my life. My wife took my kids and moved to Fuckin Idaho! Dada Life let me rage with you and help me give my exwife a big yellow middle finger!!

  3. I want to win this pair of tickets I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me, what other way to do it then in mid air with her favorite artists DADALIFE

  4. If I win, first thing I would do is kick out the epic mother fucker. And then break out the bananas and champagne :3

  5. I missed the free private show on the bridge in vegas due to a accident that left me in a coma for a month missed edc but im in need of a champagne shower and bananas my b day was yesterday and I would like to rage in the voyage of dada land!!! MUSIC IS MY THERAPY!!!!

  6. Seeing Dada Life for my first time at Hakkasan during EDC week was so epic, it was honestly my favorite show of any DJ I’ve seen. I must see these perfect men again plsplspls!!! This shit would be champagne & bananas. Dada Life, we were born to rage together. :* #thismachinekillsravers

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