15 Responses to “LOS ANGELES: FREE SHOW!”

  1. Kirk Baghdassarian Says:


  2. muravi Says:

    i need a ticket

  3. Danny Says:

    Would like to go

  4. Jeremy Gonzalez Says:

    Where can we find more information about this and hwo to attend?

  5. adrian rodriguez Says:

    any possible way to get a ticket? my gf has never seen them and would love to. please get back to me. adrianrodla@gmail.com

  6. George Says:

    Please release more tickets for the Avalon show, miss it by a few mins….

  7. Mayra graciano Says:

    How do u get tix????

  8. Chris Sandstrom Says:

    Really hoping to go to the show. Big DADA LIFE fan seen you everytime your in the area and would love to see you at Avalon since last time it happened the fire marshall SHUT US DOWN. haha! Thanks

  9. Edward Says:

    I want to know how I can get some tickets to this free show…but I can’t find any information here on this site. Please let me know where I can get them…thank you!

  10. Manolo Garcia Says:

    Put my on name on the Guest List

  11. sam Says:

    dudes anymore tickets please say yes!

  12. Geoffrey Bywater Says:


  13. Julieta Munoz Says:

    What? When? How?!! I need to be there!! kjfhrulielkjfdksl

  14. Jayson Villanueva Says:

    Im ready to get DADA’d!!! this friday at XS!

  15. Crystian Aguilar Says:

    Omg please choose me!