On Mar 3 we released our new mix album WELCOME TO DADA LAND. With exclusive new versions of tracks from us, Deadmau5, Major Lazer, Zedd, TJR and brand new original tracks from Andybody, Walden and Jacob van Hage.. PLUS massive remixes of classic Dada Life tracks like Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker, Feed The Dada… Continue Reading »


The Dada Land Consulate San Jose

Citizens of Dada Land! We are proud to announce the grand opening of the very special Dada Land Independence Day Consulate TONIGHT in San Jose! Want to gain entry? We’ve hidden invitations all around the city, here are all the locations: 1. California Theatre -> http://bit.ly/1wbXQAC 2. Cathedral Basilica of San Jose -> http://bit.ly/1G8h61W 3…. Continue Reading »

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