We’re sad to inform you that unfortunately due to recent decisions made by the Toronto City Council, we have effectively been forced to have to make the decision that the Dada Land Compound event will not go ahead as planed at the Direct Energy Centre. However we are still going to perform in Toronto on Friday April 25.

Finding a suitable replacement venue for the Dada Land Compound show at such short notice, as you can imagine, was an absolute nightmare! We tried, but nothing was up to par. So… a new event will now take place at SOUND ACADEMY with us performing alongside the scheduled support acts: Adventure Club, Tritonal & Henry Fong, but please note the event will not contain the same elements as a Dada Land Compound show.

Why is that? Well to put it simply, we want to play in Toronto… so we are! The Dada Land Compound shows are special. They require weeks of planning, detailed specifics in terms of the venues, logstics and a certain level of production we’re not prepared to compromise on if we’re calling it something extra special. (aka Dada Land Compound)

All tickets for the Direct Energy Centre show will be honored at the new event at Sound Academy on April 25th and will be subject to the following discounts etc:

Tickets that were originally purchased for more than $99.50 will now have the face value of $99.50. The difference will be automatically refunded to you. In addition ALL TICKET HOLDERS including ones at the new $99.50 price will be refunded 15% of the face value for the original ticket, again these refunds will happen automatically.

Anyone not wishing to attend the new event at Sound Academy can obtain a full refund from point of purchase. The option for a full refund is only available until 1pm EST Monday April 21.

We are working to reschedule a Dada Land Compound show for Ontario ASAP and will post more details when we have them.

If you have any questions please email


PS: An interesting read on all this can be found HERE



  1. Patrick Says:

    I can’t believe that the fucker did that. hes retarded and doesn’t know a money steal when he see’s one. Can’t wait to see you on the 25th and can’t wait for the new dada compound!

  2. Boss bailey Says:

    Fcuking bullshit

  3. Stefan Says:

    How can I get my 15% back?

  4. Edward Says:

    You should do a show in Peterborough. It’s an hour and a half from toronto but still is very accessible. Also during the summer it is a hub for festivals and a massive amount of cottage goers from all over Ontario and even canada. There are a numerous possible venues and tons of room in the surrounding area for outdoor events!

  5. Johnny Smith Says:

    Ottawa would never do this to yah Dada Life, looking for somewhere to throw Dada Land Compound in Ottawa, O-TOWN is the place!! Looking forward to Canada Day though, shits gonna be bananas.

  6. Johnny Says:

    Just a note – it wasn’t City Council, it was the Exhibition Board who made the decision. They were lobbied by Muzik Nightclubs.
    We’re hoping to get it in front of City Council to reverse this ridiculous decision which reeks of corruption and cronyism. In the meantime, TO is sorry.

  7. Kim Says:

    Kind of ironic our crackhead/alcoholic of a mayor and the board are trying to band EDM concerts because of “drug use” not everyone uses during these concerts some of us actually go to listen to the music we enjoy, this is some fucking bullshit Dadalife should be performing at the direct energy centre not the tiny ass sound academy realize how small the sound academy is this concert was originally supposed to be in a venue 10x the size of the sound academy how do you expect to fit us all in such a small space ?

  8. Adrianna Says:

    DADA Life- Thank you for making the best of a bad scenario. This is why you’re a favorite! Very loved & respected. Happy to still see you at Sound Academy.

    FOREVER FAN… gettin’ ugly since the beginning xo

  9. Dada Life Forced To Change Toronto Venues After EDM Events Get Banned By City Says:

    […] For further inquiries regarding tickets for the Dada Life event, email The full blog post can be viewed here. […]

  10. Chris Says:

    How do you refund the tickets if you bought from INK?

  11. Toronto Bans EDM Events At Public Facilities, Forcing Dada Life To Change Venue - EDMTunes Says:

    […] Because of this ruling, Dada Life has been forced to downsize their original “Dada Life Compound” event and will be playing at the Sound Academy instead of the Direct Energy building as originally planned. Instead of cancelling the show or bringing a watered down version of the “Dada Life Compound” due to space restrictions, the duo will be back at the later date and at a different venue with the original show. As for now, fans will still get to go bananas with Dada and company at the Sound Academy. Ticket holders will be refunded 15% and anyone who had purchased a ticket over $99.50 will be refunded the difference as all tickets will have the face value of $99.50. Anyone no longer wanting to attend will have the opportunity to receive a full refund. For more detailed information, check out Dada Life’s blog post. […]

  12. Says:

    Nooooooo! This is crazy and absurd.

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