A Message From Olle

“It’s the best cancer you can get.”


The only word I could hear was “cancer” and it kept bouncing inside my head and I don’t think I heard what the doctor said for the rest of the visit.

As some of you know I’ve been away from the touring. And now I want to tell you why. In the beginning of September I went to the doctor. It was a Monday. On Wednesday I had surgery (moving fast is important). Since then I’ve been taking blood samples, going through x-rays and talking to doctors. And now I’m in chemotherapy.

Yes, it’s cancer. But after talking to the doctors I’ve realized that this particular form really is “the best” cancer you can get. Most people that get treatment become completely free from it.

After coming home from surgery I laid in the dark of my room, feeling completely numb. Darkness outside, darkness inside. But pretty soon I got up. In a way the world outside had changed. Now it’s like I see the contrasts clearer. I see what’s important, and what’s not. Family, friends, of course. But also my large dysfunctional family – you. I have realized how important all of you are.

I also feel more creative than I have in ages. There are no limits anymore. No boundaries. I don’t give a shit what people think about our music. (I don’t think I cared before either, but even less now.) The last few years I’ve been making a lot of music that doesn’t really have a beat. It’s the stuff I hear inside my head after the lights go dark at a big show, alone winding down at night. I’ve decided to finish those songs and release them (facebook.com/nightgestalt).

But that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the beat! Dada Life is more important than ever. We have so many great songs in us, I feel we’ve barely scratched the surface. Dance music is one of the most explosive forces in the world. Just imagine how a kick drum and a bass can rattle your body and force you to move as one, together with all the other people in the room, smiling and sharing the same experience without saying one word. That kick drum changes peoples life. I have given my life to that kick drum.

I will be away from touring for a while. I don’t know exactly how long right now, but I aim to be back at the end of this year. Stefan will still be doing all the shows and play a full Dada Life-set. It won’t be long until the bass hits you in the stomach and you look up towards stage and see two DADAS bouncing up and down smiling.

I will see you all in DADA LAND very soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read all my thoughts.



97 thoughts on “A Message From Olle

  1. Ollie,.
    Mate, you are not alone, you know that.
    I myself just was diagnosed with a cancer.

    It is what it is, you have 1000s of friends whose lives you have made better by being you and doing what you have dne for us also Dada.
    Mine included and my bos life.
    You are blessing to us, and your family, blood and not.

    Arrive beautiful leave ugly…
    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


    • Whats good wit you homie, it’s been about 6 months since Silomaniacs and I wrote you last. Hope all is well with your recovery, I just wanted to tell you that we are all family, “Edm family,” hit me up if your up to it, got introduced to disk golfing, Hella fun, but I to am always making tracks, so I rarely get to experience other stuff, hang in there, and if there is anything you need, plz. Don’t hesitate to ask…. Keeping the vibe electrified! ???? Silo ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

  2. I love you man, you gave me a hug at one of your shows here in Texas and yall are the reason why I’m so into this type of music honestly. I love you and I send my deepest prayers and love to not just you but to Stefan! I love you man and get well soon so we can party it up at EDC Vegas 2015!

  3. Without a doubt the kick drum has helped me immensely this year after being faced with far too many losses this year, it’s a powerful force. I look forward to seeing both of you on stage the next time I go to Dada land!

  4. Everyone is behind you Olle! You’ve brought so much joy and happiness to the masses. I’ll always cherish the times I’ve had in Dada Land and I look forward to feeding the Dada with you very soon! Be strong.

  5. Olle! I hope you recover soon you beat it is best you do given another meaning to the music you have given much more life to encourage beats! greetings from mexico never Flags :DD Recuperate carnal 🙂

  6. Olle,
    EVERYTHING IS FREE, only the crying is not, because BASS DON’T CRY too.
    You are SO YOUNG, SO HIGH… So, FEED THE DADA, LET’S GET BLEEPED together, with us, with LOVE VIBRATIONS, because you know…

  7. You guys are an inspiration! Your tracks are meaningful, powerful, and every time I hear your songs, or your beats, or just the lyrics, I can feel the love and power you guys send through your music. You guys are one of my role models, I wish you best of luck in your and hope you get better soon!

  8. Hi Olle,

    I was in your shoes twelve years ago (without your amazing talent and gazillions of fans). Cancer sounds a lot scarier than it really is when you have to face it. You’re making all the right moves. I’m inspired by your music as well as your positive perspective. Stay strong! Keep us posted. I’m with you all the way, Bro!


  9. I know everything will get better and you have nothing to be afraid of, after a few months i know you’ll be looking at this moment and just feel relieved, you are a very strong person, and very talented, good luck with everything i wish you good health!

  10. This very upsetting news to me! I didnt wantbto believe it when my brother told me! I hope the treatments go easy for you! Good luck!
    I just wanted to tell you that dada has changed my life! You were the first show i ever went to and you guys blew my mind please come to tampa again next year haha

    P.s. Praying for you!

  11. Hey Olle I’m real sorry to hear this shit. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma myself a couple years ago and during treatments I listened to Dada Life all the time and you guys inspired me to produce my own music for a fun side hobby that turned into something I want to do for the rest of my life as a sound engineer. Everything is good for me and I really fucking hope everything goes good for you because you deserve the best, you’re a true artist and I speak for some of us when I say we can’t be without you man. Your guys music has pulled me through some real tough times; and hope you have a fast recovery so you can get back out there and enjoy what you love and give out what we love.
    Kick its ass man!

  12. Krya på dig, Olle!! Fuck Cancer!

    Goa Göteborgshälsningar, Marcus

    PS. Summerburst i somras var magiskt bra!! Ser fram emot att se er igen!

  13. INTE den rubrik jag vill se när jag slår på nyhetssidan på min iPad!!!!!
    För mycket av den sjukan just nu och det träffar hjärtat som skriker “Fuck cancer”. Läste sedan vidare och önskar och hoppas att det blir bra. ????

  14. Stay strong man, if someone can get out of it, this person is you, we are waiting for you to get better, WE ARE BORN TO RAGE, SO COME ON
    We are cheering for you!!!

  15. Hey Olle,
    I’ve had cancer 3 different times and I know if I can get through it you can too. I went to Dada Land this year and it was the best experience ever. I hope to see you back in California for another Dada Land set in 2015. You can beat this Olle!!
    Much Love,

  16. Hey Olle,
    Get well soon. We need our double Dada duos back in full form and energy on our Dada Land.
    Kick Out this Mother Fucker Cancer.
    Much Love & Take Care,
    Jitesh Adwani

  17. Stay strong and take care of you. The whole world are thinking of you. I’m a French Girl and France loves you too. We’re all DadaLand citizens. God bless you.

  18. Dont think about your disease, will make you weaker, think about the things you love most I.e. your music will make you strong. For e.g. Nile Rodgers have successfully recovered from cancer. Indian cricket player Yuvraaj singh also recovered from one of a kind cancer. Try fooling your brain & tell him I m all right. And see the difference in a month.

    -Your Indian Fan, Omkar

  19. Olle dearest!
    I hope you are feeling better now. I can’t believe that you were diagnosed. Keep staying strong. You are such a talented music producer and person. We are all rooting for you to beat this and show cancer who’s boss. I’m rooting for you. I can’t wait till you let us all know you’re in remission! Till then, keep bouncing and having fun. We love you so much!

  20. Love and positive vibes from the Central Coast of California. I wish you the best of health, Olle, my friend. You and Stefan inspire me daily. Many thanks to the joy and energy Dada Life brings to the world. You keep doing you. We’ll keep the beat. Cheers.

  21. Everything is going to be alright!!!! I believe in it and you should too. We all love you and support you, and wishing only the best and have the most positive thoughts.
    Hello from Northern Cali. Can’t wait for Dada to com to SJSU-March 6, woooohooooo!!!!

  22. Olle, I really hope and pray that you get better soon. Stay strong. You have fans who love you. Much love from Southern California. Can’t wait to see you and Stefan perform together again!

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