Sorry for the delay, but now we have finally uploaded the samples to “Happy Hands & Happy Feet”!

Want a remix that is more happy? Just make it by yourself. Want it super-happy? Come on! Want a drone-metal-version at 30 bpm…what are you waiting for?

Go here for all the samples!

We have also updated the chart with the top 10 fan remixes sent to us! Those are the ten best remixes we have received in a few weeks. The best one is from Hot Noizes. We will try it out this weekend!

Do you think it sound shit – and you can do it better?

Come on!

6 thoughts on “DO A REMIX OF HAPPY HANDS!

  1. Hey…. what are doing dudes, you are totaly crazzzzzy. Your tunes are the craziest i have ever heard in my life. hope see you people comig to COLOMBIA…

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