8 thoughts on “FEED THE DADA IS OUT NOW!

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    THERULESOFDADA are part of the Dada Life philosophy.
    Never bring your brain to a rave.
     Doing the “airpiano” on stage while looking up in the air? Never.
    The “heart sign” with both your hands? F**K NO.
    Tickle-punch-tickle-combo. Happy Violence!
    Cheating is winning.
    If you’re stuck, there’s only one solution: go harder.
    If you only need one word to describe a song in the studio…then it’s done!
    No bananas on the rider? Then we do our two hour deep/tech house set. Everything under 118 BPM.
    PLUR = Potassium Lust Unity Rage
    Arriving beautiful – leaving ugly.
    Beautiful music = boring music. At least today.
    If you don’t want to get wet, you don’t want to have fun.
    Bass don’t cry.
    Changing underwear at the club is cheating. Even for the members of Dada Life.
    Never bring your brain into the club.
    Art should be loud as fuck.

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