8 thoughts on “FUN FUN FUN IN BELGIUM

  1. You guys totally own i was there and at that moment the crowd was going insane but i was going insane from the beginning thx for being there hope to see you again live 😀
    nice set 🙂

  2. Hey Guys,

    Where and when was this gig in Belgium??

    I probebly was somewhere else in Belgium playing Dada life tracks (there were already a few great ones before Fun fun fun, like “the great smogmabrod” or something like that, and at leat one other 12″)

    I see you’re comming back to Belgium soon! I’m not going to mis it again!

    Keep the up the devine works!

    Pete, Helgium.

  3. Thnx to TOPradio, because they made this track and Dada Life are very popular in Belgium!!! TOPradio and Dada Life are the best!!

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