11 thoughts on “DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!!!

  1. Wow last night at the avalon was such a fucking blast!
    Me and my friends were at dead center like the whole fucking time! PHATZOo through a heart up at my when I was doing the drums to happy hands and happy feet!
    ALl OF my frieNds had An AmAZZZZZING time too!

  2. Great job! Very good tracks with classical and experimental sounds, interesting arrangement, powerful basses. And what takes us by surprise? Every single track has te same (the best) quality. Have a nice fun.

  3. Ive waited so long for you guys to come to the states! please, please, please, please, please, please come to MIAMI! UMF!!!!!! there are few things on this planet that are capable of making me feel like a kid again, but some bananas and champagne will definately do the trick!!!!!!!!!

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