15 thoughts on “Making The New Album Part 3

  1. I say add a vocal, but keep it aggressive and punchy to match the song. Sounds Awesome though!! Definitely has that Dada life sound to it.

  2. Dude just add a dope vocal or two on the drop.
    Like dat Dynasty Remix you guys did! That is my favorite song buy you guys still!

    Vocal throughout the whole track takes away from your guys hard hitting electro vibe. Plus I know adding vocals changes the dynamics of the track.

    Soo from a real AM-SWE Dada fan. Just keep it simple!
    1 Love,
    Nicholas Gosnell

  3. maybe a weee bit of vocal during the build up. song sounds nuts though!!!!! cant wait to hear it live

  4. Add vocals but not during the whole track it might take the feel away .
    Best of luck with the music composing.;)

  5. Might be a little late for suggestions, but I’d throw in a synth after the drop an octave lower, some filthy bass heavy grind whenever Stefan makes an epic face.

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