7 thoughts on “NO! AS IN NOVEMBER

  1. Wtf isn’t this site spammed down yet? My heart is friggin pumpin Synced to this shit 😀

    Your segertåget mix (you did that rite?) got the Duxortian Cosmological POUND-THE-FLESH-OFF-MY-@#POW%#!!-BONES-AWARD 2008 ssssstraight outta Ð.U.X P?ime with the funkeefunkee jäklade perkele tjatfs fornåt.

    BRAPP!! Qoute me on that.

  2. As absolutgrafik said, june and july mixes can’t be downloaded. I can get on the zShare page, but can’t play or download the song.
    Could it be possible to post them on another similar site plz. Thanks in advance

    PS Dada Life rules!

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