22 thoughts on “Podcast Launches With A Big Bang!

  1. Why is the october mix only available @ itunes?!?
    Why punish those who do not own itunes?
    Could you please upload the mix on official.fm as usual so i too can do the dada?

  2. c?mon dadas put it on mediafire, rapidshare, hotfile, fileshare etc like in the old days (before tiesto, huge crowds and massive money…) remember that days?

  3. Nej kom igen grabbar.

    Hur g?r man som reklmanintollerant..
    Hur g?r man som apple-allergiker ?
    Hur g?r man som pingvinanv?ndare ?
    Hur g?r man som beroende av dada ?

    ….och inte vill ta i shItunes ?

    F?r gigen kan ju inte pr?jsa s? d?ligt att ni m?ste suga ur cash d?r ?nd?….


  4. @ Applefanboy

    the hate is because some people don’t want to download a program that is useless for them. I for one don’t have a iPod and I’m perfectly happy with vlc media player so why should I download iTunes? And it even gets worse, iTunes doesn’t even work on my system (don’t ask me why, it’s a brand new pc so I realy don’t know).

    It’s a shame but I guess I won’t hear a new dadalife mix ever again:(

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