Sausage Fattener Plugin

Here is our first plugin – the Sausage Fattener! People always ask us how we get our greasy sound…here is the answer. Hook up this fat bastard to your favorite DAW (AU and VST on both PC/Mac) and get dirty. The plugin is already used by Tiësto, Kaskade, Diplo, Laidback Luke and others (see below for more).

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The Sausage Fattener only has two knobs. But don’t be fooled. With those seemingly simple parameters you can create loads of different sounds. Use the Sausage Fattener on a single channel with moderate settings as a musical compressor. Turn it up and you have a dirty bastard of distortion. But you can also use the plugin on a bus (for example all the drums and the bass) or the whole track as a mastering plugin.

The Sausage Fattener is used by Tiësto, Kaskade, Diplo, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South, Hardwell, Angger Dimas, Frank E, Zedd, Lazy Rich, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Marcus Schossow, John Dahlbäck and many other DJ/producers.

Just see what Laidback Luke thinks about our little creation:
“Ever since I stepped away from Fruity Loops I was looking for a plugin like this. And you did it. Instantly hooked, and loving it!”

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For tech support go HERE!!!

Download the manual!

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System Requirements:

Operating Systems:
Windows (XP SP2,Vista, Windows 7, including native 64-bit version) on Pentium 4 (or equivalent) or higher
Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)

Plug-in Formats:
AudioUnit and VST

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Q: Is the Sausage Fattener made with SynthEdit or similar program?
A: Nope, it’s developed by us together with Tailored Noise.

Q: Will you release more plugins?
A: Yes! This is just the first!

Q: Why a sausage?
A: We’re always happy with a track when it looks like a fat sausage.

Q: Is this plugin just a gimmick?
A: You’re talking to us?!?! Hell no. We always have a special chain of effects that we use when creating our tracks. So we let the developers analyze those effects and create the plugin from our settings.

Q: I ordered the plugin but haven’t received a download link?
A: Check your spam folder. Wait for an hour or two, if you still haven’t received it please email:

Q: Does it work with Pro Tools?
A: Right now there’s no RTAS-version. It might work with a converter, but we haven’t had time to play around with it.

Q: Does it work with GarageBand?
A: The Sausage Fattener should work with all VST/AU-systems.

Q: Why doesn’t it sound beefy on really low level sounds?
A: You need to pull the gain up until it’s almost red. The Sausage Fattener is a combination of several dynamic effects – and the key is to “drive” the signal as hard as you want – from mild compression to hard distortion.

Q: Does this plugin make my songs so good that I just need to add it – and then I will be a superstar-DJ?
A: There’s no holy grails when it comes to plugins. You will still need to make good music and know how to tweak your shit. In the end: there are no “magical” plugins – not even if they have an angry sausage in the interface. But it will certainly make your tracks and sounds greasier and fatter.

73 thoughts on “Sausage Fattener Plugin

  1. Data Life and TS please listen up……………….. PLEASE MAKE MORE PLUGINS OF THIS NATURE!!!!!!!! The usability, overall sound quality and price is truly unbeatable. Well done!

  2. Hi guys !

    Frankly, I’ve tried a LOT of plug-ins and these days I’ve seen Sir Dahlback and yourselves using it in Future Music Mag videos. You said 25$, I told my self ok let’s try it.

    I think it’s one of the most drastic efficient plug-in on the market, with the likes of SPL transient designer and cytomic the glue (to give readers an idea of this one knob very effective plug-ins)

    Perfect on drums (glues everything, make them round and POWerful, adds air), dramatic on leads and synths…

    I MEAN : COULD YOU DO MORE PLUG IND LIKE THAT ??? (for example a stereo widening + eq plugin, two buttons like space/brightness, very usefull on synths for ex.)


    BRAVO !

  3. Hey guys just got the plugin, want to use it but I cant find the program when I installed, and it doesn’t show up in ableton. What’s the deal?

  4. I bought Sausage Fattner and installed. My erectile disfunction is still present but I definately hear fatter sounds on the buss. Then I discovered autoerotism and the sausage has changed my life. I feel chunkier, more meat to the form and now when I take my misses up the Nada, she knows it!!

    Thanks for the sweet spot and corn boys. 🙂

  5. Yeah agreed with Ian and Sjoerd
    Ive bought it twice now and have yet to recieve a link……
    i do love your music and would love my link aswell :/

  6. wow Meran……thats a no no. How can you thank Dadalife for the plugin you just downloaded AND ASSIGN team?? how about supporting and BUYING the shit?

  7. This is freaking awesome! This is definitely the next plug in on my list! It sounds really great! I love that video. Sausage outboard gear? At first I was really confused but after I saw the sausage getting EXTREMELY mad something clicked in my head and I couldn’t stop laughing!

    -Rick Saxby

  8. Great plugin! I’ve been searching for that fat sound as a noob the last year, being told over and over again that its not the gear that makes that massive sound, its the skill with your synth.. Well, thats bullshit, this is what makes it sounds sound professional!

  9. not personally a fan of this radio-friendly-super-squashed electro you guys make , but sure you know how to make things sound loud and .. well .. fat

    that said , does this angry sausage do anything i can’t do with a distortion and a choked limiter on my insert / send chain ? parallel fattening anyone ?

  10. hey!
    im having abit of a problem just wondering if you guys can help me! 🙁
    im using ableton 8.2.2 and it sausage fattener is not being recognized by ableton! i have placed it into the VST file and it still does not work!


  11. hi. how can i buy and get the wonderful SAUSAGE FATTENER without givin my creditcard-dates into net? regards from germany, paul

  12. This is SUCH a great plug in. It makes everything sound so much bigger and clearer without clipping whatsoever. Even if this was 4 times the price, it would still be a really useful tool. BUY!!!!!!!

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