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Otherwise: Tiesto stole our brand new tune – Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction) and played it in London last weekend. He took the cd from our case. The only copy. We haven’t given it to anybody yet (you know, we want to keep our stuff for ourselves until we say so).

Well, when we opened for him in Liverpool this saturday we played it just before he went on! Muahahahahaha!

22 thoughts on “UP YOURS TIESTO!!!

  1. Ur Set In Liverpool Was Sick … Cookies With A Smile Though Needs To Hurry Up n Come Out … Decent Tune

  2. You were amazing in Liverpool. I loved your finale and the tracks you played were top notch. I’m off to buy this single!!

    And thank you for an amazing performance guys, so much energy from you – Tiesto should borrow a leaf from your book!! He should be opening for you šŸ™‚

  3. You guys were amazing at liverpool… anyone no the remix of the prodigy song? Hope you come to the uk again!!

  4. Seen you guys take inglestons roof off!! I agree,Tiesto should be opening for you guys! Please play rockness!!

  5. Nezxt time watch out, cause he may steal your whole case ;D! Muahaha… Good Job thou! and F*** Tiesto as he already burn out! Now is time for DADA LIFE!!!!! Can’t wait till 23 July! JUST CAN’T! Keep it Real & DO THE DADA!

  6. Tiesto stole it out of your bag????

    What a douche!

    Was he the one that uploaded it to the web too?

    What a douche.

  7. You 2 are really good!!
    Yesterday in Antwerp Belgium…
    …You rocked the show.
    But Tiesto is still the BEST hihihaha…
    Keep up the good work!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  8. tiesto blowwws, u guys rocked it at liverpoool! all im sayin is did tiesto really steal a cd from ur case? sounds farfetched.
    why would tiesto steal someone elses production, without calling it his own first and buyin the rights form you, like he always does hahahahahaa

    up your tiesta

  9. hope you are kidding it is an honor to have tiesto play your music, know your role, and keep warming up the crowd for Tiesto

  10. hahah you guys actually think theyre serious? tiesto is pretty much giving them their big break. a well deserved big break of course šŸ˜€

  11. They aren’t serious guys, tons of mutual respect, I think they understand the value of whipping up some faux controversy, like American wrestling. They act as if they have problems with each other, and the fans eat it up, buy more and generally, that’s a good thing for any artist.

  12. its obviously a joke that the artists are playing, its not serious at all and the guys that think that u seriously are stupid, dada life and tiesto are good friends and they are allowed to joke around its not the godam royal family ffs

  13. Dude are you kiddin’? Dada life warms up tiesto? NOT!!

    Tiesto is a douche that doesn’t move an inch behind his turntables, while the guys from Dada life party on with their crowd! They are way better both in their music and their DJ-style.

    Respect Dada Life, we love you!

  14. Dude I’ve been listening to house for the past 10 years, and i cant remember a single track by dada life, I probably heard of them a few times here and there. tiesto is the God of electronic music and we all know that. I’m guessing these comments r wrote by bunch of fukin brits who cant stand a dutch man making a name for himself. dada life, seriously guys look at your fuking logo… looks like a penis man.. have some decency. Tiesto rulz
    ……..tilll i get my TIESTO up urs DADALIFE, dadalife wut kinda stupid name is dat

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