Hi All – Firstly, thank you all for the kind words and get well wishes.. has been a big help!
I wanted to keep you posted since I haven’t been at the last few shows.. the surgery was completed last week but there have been some complications since then that have needed me to go back to hospital. I’m back on the mend now, but won’t be able to make the shows next weekend in Toronto, Scottsdale and Vegas. Olle will be coming to all shows and performing a full Dada Life set.

I’ll keep everyone posted as things progress.

– Stefan

18 thoughts on “UPDATE FROM STEFAN

  1. Hey Stefan, big fan here.

    I wanted to say that I am happy to see that you are keeping your fans updated on your condition. However, although fans are important to DJs, you mustn’t spend too much energy. Take some YOU time, relax and take it real easy. I hope you will feel better soon!

    your fan, Slimzz

  2. hey guys! i feel horrible for posting on your Facebook page about you guys signing my t-shirt. i didn’t realize how much you guys were going through. i apologize for being insensitive to your situation and hope that you (Stefan) get better soon! im sure everything will turn out great and you’ll be able to continue bringing much more joy to the world.


    your biggest fan! Felipe Suarez.

  3. Super bummed you won’t make the Scottsdale show. Was looking forward to the show but it’s undertandable. We’ll send the rage your way Stefan. Get well soon!

    Unfortunately sometimes things just don’t go your way. First the city council banned EDM events at the venue we had planned just over a week before the show and then Stefan having to go back into hospital are things we’d never want to have happen or could have planned for. We decided not to cancel the show because we want to play for you and in a city we love… With Stefan getting sick it made things more complicated. Here’s the bottom line… we never want to cancel shows unless we absolutely have to, so Olle is coming to play a show for those that want to go and we are planning a rescheduled date for the Dada Land Compound. Also, if you still want a refund for the Sound Academy show please email tickets@ink-00.com


  5. Seeing Stefan without his great big smile is probably one of thee most depressing things ever. Get well soon. Dada Land needs you.
    PS Olle did amazing in Vegas (4/12/14), but the energy was definitely different without Stefan. Hope you have a speedy recovery. All hail Dada Land.

  6. Get well soon Stefan. Was looking forward to your possible return at Wet Republic this Sunday. But I guess we won’t be seeing you just yet. Good Vibes.

  7. Stefan! the man that inspires ugliness and debauchery! Do what you need to do, as a citizen of Dada I wish for you to be at the top of your game so get better and get ugly!

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